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Two weeks left for the Numenera HumbleBundle!

The incredible Numenera tabletop RPG is available for as low as $1 on HumbleBundle! You can get basically everything, this is an amazing way to get into an amazing game. Don’t miss out!


If you don’t know what Numenera is, check out this review. It is a far future science fiction setting with a fantasy veneer, where anything can (and does) happen. The system works amazingly with the setting, giving you unique abilities and single-use items called cyphers that could teleport you 100 miles or allow you to breathe underwater for 10 minutes. You live in a world where giant crystal labarynths rise from the ground and nobody knows why. Nanobot clouds can mutate your flesh. Ancient artificial intelligences might speak directly into your mind. You might fight off a sentient octopus using only your sword. You have so much to explore.

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