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Campaign Log 02 - Perspectives

Figuring out what can be, and what has been from the perspectives of your world’s factions seems like a pretty daunting task. Your players may go down a path that you weren’t prepared for them to follow. When I had my players create their characters I asked each of them if they were a transplant to, or were born in the SZ? How did they feel about the Jobgate? And what was their job? This helped me to get an idea of a couple of different routes they might investigate.

So, what should you ask yourself in preparation for their unexpected decisions? That’s what I’m asking myself as I plan out my first official session of Static Dawn: Silicon Zion, and it is an interesting thought experiment.

Start off with how the world is: In Silicon Zion, our city is the pinnacle of bio-technology. No one is homeless or left behind. The dominant philosophy/religion is about enhancing the human experience through technology. And yet pollution and dense living spaces on the Basin Level leave the air and water murky, and the only nature anyone would see would be in an hydroponic museum or arboretum on the Mesa Access.

For those in charge of the city, and presiding over those who believe in the Jobgate I need to consider:

  • What was the original dream before Silicon Zion?

  • When did it start to take shape?

  • Who formalized it?

  • Who or what is in charge now?

  • What are their goals?

  • What are they willing to risk to achieve their goals?

  • How are they the heroes of their story?

For those who are trying to undermine the city state:

  • When did they branch off from the current status quo?

  • What are their core beliefs and ideals?

  • Do they have a plan to change the status quo?

  • What is the timetable for this plan?

  • Who or what is in charge?

  • What are their goals?

  • What are they willing to risk to achieve their goals?

  • How are they the heroes of their story?

You’ll notice that the last four questions are the same for both sides. Unless someone dons the evil villain cape and states “I desire chaos and anarchy!” Or “I am the absolute authority! ” they are going to think that they are right for some reason or another. And it will feel completely reasonable to them. Maybe it will be reasonable to you too. The key is to give your NPCs and your players plot points to sink their teeth into, and really taste each opportunity on their tongue to see if it is palatable to them, and to their character.

I don’t want to give too much away before my players sit down again to play, but I can’t wait for them to get more of a taste of their world, and question how things were, how they are, what parts of their world’s history they will have a hand in shaping.

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