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Dread RPG scenario – Why Does It Have Teeth (teaser)


If you haven’t heard of the award-winning survival horror RPG system Dread, check it out. It builds tension by using a jenga tower to determine who lives and who dies, and the characters are built by the players each answering a unique questionnaire.

Recently, I had an awful, vivid nightmare about being on a space shuttle, trapped with these small, awful teddy bears. Teddy bears with human teeth, who just wanted love.

So naturally, I made a horror RPG scenario about it.

“We were all excited for our simple voyage from the space station. But things fell apart when we found the first one of them. Dear god, why? Who gave this thing teeth?!”

If there is interest, I will develop this into a full Dread scenario and make it into a pretty PDF.

Player character questionnaires:ResearcherArtistSicklyDruggie1. What was something that you are ashamed to have done during your time as a biology research assistant? 2. What achievement or skill do you have that enabled you to get a spot on CharnelCORP’s exclusive Jupiter Colony Research Internship? 3. Which family member do you regret not spending enough time with because of your work? 4. Does your work involve intense computer knowledge, or is it more focused on things that require rubber gloves? 5. Why does the phrase “it’s like pulling teeth” set you on edge? 6. What is your personal mantra? 7. What are you wearing for your internship? 8. What is your name?1. What type of art do make for a living? 2. What art piece did you submit that won you the Jupiter Colony Living Art Scholarship? 3. Back on the space station, who are you in love with, and why do you dislike that they have kept their job? 4. What maintenance job do you do that requires you to don a space suit and traverse the hull of the space station? 5. What recurring nightmare do you have about teddy bears? 6. How would you describe your personality? 7. What color is a theme throughout your wardrobe? 8. What is your name?1. Why are you slowly dying? 2. What technobabble science cure did the Jupiter Colony CareDream Medical Team promise would be able to save your life? (e.g. Telomere-erasing nanites, bio-genetic frequency emitter, etc) 3. Which worried family member came with you, on the CareDream Medical Team treatment shuttle, to make sure you take your medicine? 4. What career do you hope to go into, once you are no longer sick? 5. What gives you the strength to help others, when they are in need? 6. What is your personality like, and why do people always feel able to confide in you? 7. How would you describe your appearance? 8. What is your name?1. What was your career before you were fired because of your addiction? 2. What are you addicted to? 3. Why did you agree to be a test subject for CharnelCORP’s Jupiter Colony Bio-adaptation Program? 4. When did your skill with electronics get you into trouble? 5. Despite your current situation, in what way do you want to make the world a better place? 6. What raunchy tattoo do you keep covered? 7. What name do you tell everyone, and what is your real name?

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