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Kult – Legacy of Oakwood Heights maps

Kult: Divinity Lost is an intense modern horror RPG, with some of the darkest themes I have ever seen handled in a game. My introduction to the game was the disturbing quickplay scenario Oakwood Heights.

So of course I was excited when I heard that my good friends over at Penny For A Tale were releasing an unofficial sequel scenario, Legacy of Oakwood Heights (watch Penny For A Tale play a beta version of the scenario here). This scenario  exploring what happens as the corrupted child survivor from Oakwood Heights, William Bedford, grows into a man. So when Penny For A Tale approached me about making some maps for Legacy of Oakwood Heights, how could I say no?


William Bedford’s apartment

Art Studio

Epsilon Art Studio

The Legacy of Oakwood Heights scenario is tentatively planed for free release sometime in January, so look for it then!

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