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An Apple A Day – map teaser

As many close to me know, I have been working on my gross, 18+, low-fantasy adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord that I am looking to publish through the Disciples of the Demon Lord license. Here is a glimpse of what the buildings in the filthy town of Dribbleton will look like:

Filth, swarms of biting insects, and strange dinner habits, Dribbleton is a place most would avoid. And then there’s that horrid smell. This town’s large rusty cesspool seems to be infested with biting critters called slickers which have a nasty tendency to eat all nearby plants and spread moldy feces around town. With crops being eaten and animals being chased away, food is hard to come by. The solution? Lovely insectoid creatures called expultrixes, which produce delicious apples, the only dependable food source in the area, and also eat the irritating slickers!As it happens, a wild expultrix has been spotted outside of Dribbleton and the villagers will pay heartily if someone catches it for them! Just don’t let it get too close to your face, a wild expultrix can be a bit aggressive.

This adventure is meant to be different than most fantasy adventures. It revolves around a strange, disgusting town, where the player characters must find and capture a valuable creature known as an expultrix, and sell it to the highest bidder. What could go wrong?

Look for An Apple A Day adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord, coming soon!

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