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Two horrific spells for Call of Cthulhu

Spells in the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG are evocative, scary, and usually really, really nasty. Below are two pestilence-themed spells to use in your lovecraftian horror games which your players have never seen (and probably will never want to see again).

Photo: “Maggot debridement therapy on a diabetic foot” by GRuban,  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

These spells could be used by terrible things like the once-sorcerer husk of a Worm That Walks, or found sprawled in the notebook of a discredited entomologist who had bizarre theories of the true origin of arthropod species on Earth.

Dark magics of Pestilence:

Plague of Insects Alternate names: The Eighth Calamity of Yahweh, Myriad From Above and Below Cost: 30 magic points; 2d8 Sanity points Casting time: 1 hour This spell summons a swarm of flying insects (usually flies or locusts), either down from the skies or up through the earth. These insects crawl over every surface, eating all plant life, eating through leather and clothing, and crawling in the eyes and mouths of any living creatures unfortunate enough to be discovered by the swarm. The spell can only be completed as caster consumes the corpse of an animal that is infested with maggots and flies, while uttering the words to the profane ritual. Living creatures take 1d3 damage per round spent unprotected from the swarm, which can spread as far as a 1 mile radius from the site of casting. 30 minutes after the spell is completed the ground is littered with twitching, dying, bloated insects as the swarm dies. Freezing weather instead causes the swarm to die 1d6 rounds after being summoned. Protections from the swarm can include extreme heat, thick smoke, being submerged in deep water, or hiding in well-made buildings (provided that no windows are broken or doors are opened). Hand of the Worm Alternate names: Putrification From Within, The Fifth Bloated Digit Cost: 10 magic points; 1d6 Sanity points Casting time: 1 round The caster bites the head of a large squirming maggot, uttering an ancient curse of putrefaction. The target rolls 1d6; 1-3 and the spell affects the target’s dominant hand, 4-6 it affects the non-dominant hand. The first round, the target permanently loses 1d10 CON as they feel something wriggling within their arm, squirming their way down through the arm to the hand. The second round, the target must make a 1/1d4 Sanity check as the bones of their fingers are swallowed by maggots, coming from within their arm. The third round, mouths open in each finger, which have each been replaced by a slimy, fat maggot within the bulging and stretched skin of the finger. The target cannot control the maggots, and the hand is permanently useless. The maggots are a part of the host’s body and any damage to them damages the host as if the hand was normal.

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