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Symbaroum Adventure Contest Entry – Rite of Passage

–EDIT: Rite of Passage won the contest! It will be produced into a full official adventure for Symbaroum, with full layout and art!–

Mitchell Wallace (of Penny for a Tale) came to me with the Symbaroum Adventure Contest and suggested a collaboration.

All together, Mitch and I are very proud of our Symbaroum adventure Rite of Passage. If you like the free adventure, please vote for it here

It began with some hard muffins and tea, we started to work on a scenario that could be used to start a Symbaroum campaign, but in a different way than had been done before. Traditionally, Symbaroum campaigns start with Ambrian characters (basically ‘civilized’ Europeans) coming to Symbaroum from the south, exploring a new and dangerous land.

We decided to create a scenario that showcases the other side of the world, from the barbarian tribes living in the dark of Davokar forest. We wanted it to be a coming of age story, ceremonial and solemn, representing the characters growing up and going into a wider world than they have ever known. We wanted to showcase the culture and worldview of the various barbarian tribes, which get little attention in published Symbaroum content, introducing the Huldra leader of the witches, and Tharaban, the high chieftain of the barbarian tribes. The scenario gives the characters connections to several NPCs from various tribes, and ends in a place where it is easy to hook into other published Symbaroum adventures. And they get to wrestle a bear!

Once again, here is Rite of Passage. If you like the free adventure, please vote for it here!

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