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Runic Knowledge #8 — Garmadh, Khopeshes of Shadow

Forged in the plane of shadow, these dual Khopeshes known collectively as Garmadh have recently appeared in the material plane. Garmadh is rumored to be the product of many crafters working in series to each return a favor owed to a mutual acquaintance. The forging process involved, among other things, melting down blood-soaked weapons of war and infusing the souls of two lovers who were denied Pharasmas embrace. Though the two obsidian black artifacts mirror one another, the souls they each harbor are antithetical in nature.

The first Khopesh, Garmadh-Ul embedded with black and orange jewels along the blade, possesses an unending bloodlust. The second, Garmadh-Tu, pairs with purple crystals along it's blade, but it’s spirit instead possesses a sort of homesickness — seeking only to calm it’s lover and sate their bloodlust.

These blades are intrinsically paired, bound to their wielder with an oath, and upon her death they fall dormant, waiting to be granted a new master. If the blades are separated, those responsible must make a DC 16 Will save each time they rest or suffer a Curse of Nightmares (Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide pg. 116).

Both khopeshes are +2 Greater Striking Khopeshes, however each possess a unique enchantment;

Garmadh-Ul, Shadow’s Rage

Dancing Shadow

Shadow | Evocation

Aspect shadow; Prerequisites The relic is a weapon.

Activate [two-actions] command Interact

Frequency once per hour

Effect Your relic’s shadow detaches from your relic and dances through the air to attack an enemy. When you Activate the relic, designate a target. The relic’s shadow flies up to 60 feet until it is adjacent to that foe and then makes a melee Strike against the enemy using your attack modifier for a melee Strike, applying the same circumstance and status bonuses and penalties that you have. This attack deals normal weapon damage on a hit, including relevant modifiers and penalties. On a critical success, the target becomes Frightened 1.

Garmadh-Tu, Shadow’s Love

Encompassing Darkness

Conjuration | Shadow

Aspect shadow; Prerequisites The relic is a weapon.

The shadows at your feet can store small objects.

You can Interact with your shadow to store or remove objects, just like you would a mundane container. Your shadow can contain up to 3 Bulk of objects, which don’t count toward the Bulk you are carrying. At 6th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, you can store 1 additional Bulk of objects in your shadow. While the items are in your shadow and can be detected normally, you gain a +4 circumstance bonus to Stealth checks to Conceal the Objects.

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