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Runic Knowledge #4 — Druchite; Metal of the Shadow Plane


Caught somewhere between the Material and Ethereal planes, the Shadow Plane is a number of things — but primarily what the storyteller *needs* it to be. Is it the "anti-plane" to which our world was an eternal and everlasting opposite day? Sort of, since it is known that the Shadow Plane parallels the Material plane with twisted and muted mockeries of its counterpart. For

In our Age of Ashes campaign, the Shadow Plane is one of many planes of existence used as a means to deliver the story so to revitalize the story and imagery. Traveling to other planes is often easier to write in and justify than moving a party several hundred miles or more on short notice, so naturally it became enticing to throw in a portal to another land every once in a while. One of our players, Sailix Lavendil, the Crestfallen-elf-of-too-many-names, has made it a personal endeavor to collect mementos from the party's planar adventures. One such keepsake found along the way was the black-and-purple solid enigma that is druchite; a hard pseudo-metal material native to the Plane of Shadow. Recently, he's had armor created from this material, but the PDF attached provides rules for creating armor, weapons, and other items using druchite:

druchite_armor-1614354064 (2)
Download PDF • 194KB

This content was created for use in our Pathfinder: Age of Ashes Adventure Path playthrough. Find us on Sunday nights at 8:30PM EST (


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