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Runic Knowledge #1 — Heron of Fyr

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

This spell was created for use in Episode 4 of the Thronebreakers mini-campaign on Penny For a Tale. This spell was created as a lesson to the player, Freya, on the philosophy of stoicism; is it better to provide a creature with the comfort of removing their sense of fear, or to allow them the courage to move forward despite it? The spell summons a palm-sized sphere as blue light, which coalesces into the shape of a small heron. Then, as this heron approaches the target, the target may choose whether to accept the comfort of the Remove Fear spell effect, or to let the heron fly away, thereby granting the target Inspire Courage instead.




divine, occult, primal Three-action: somatic, verbal, focus Touch: 1 creature

Summon a ball of light in the form of a blue heron. Place the heron in the hands of the target to ease the target's fears. You can attempt to counteract a single fear effect that the target suffers from. This frees only the target, not any other creatures under the fear effect. This spells works as the Remove Fear spell.

Special: The target of Heron of Fyr may opt to set the heron free, allowing it to fly away. This causes the effects of Remove Fear to be ignored, instead granting the target a single use of Inspire Courage as a innate spell once. After 24 hours, the spell is discharged, whether or not it is used.

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