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Rite of Passage, the free adventure for Symbaroum is out!

Rite of Passage was the adventure written by myself and Mitchell Wallace that won the Symbaroum Adventure Contest. It has been given beautiful art and layout, and you can get it free in all its glory here!

The adventure is takes place in the dark fantasy world of Symbaroum; it follows a mostly unexplored side of the setting, the barbarian tribes in the dangerous Davokar forest. You get to explore the traditions and culture of the different tribes as the player characters go through the three trials of the barbarian coming-of-age-ceremony. (Watch one of the writers run Rite of Passage on Penny For A Tale!)

The adventure is pensive and meant to introduce players to the world of Symbaroum to start a campaign, and we are very proud of it. Enjoy!

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