• Mitchell Wallace (He/Him)

    Founder & Creative Director

    I am a 29-year-old stay at home dad who divides his time between reading TTRPG books and working conventions.

    The first time I discovered the world of RPGs was through D&D 4th Edition. Since then I've done Boffer and Parlor LARP and many indie TTRPG games. My favorite games are Degenesis, Symbaroum, and Kult.

    When I'm not playing games I also enjoy cooking and reading comics.

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  • Spence (They/Them)

    Chief Creative Witch

    Hi! I’m Spence, and I live on Twitch. I do a lot of things so let me just take a deep breath before diving in. *deep breath* I’m the host and editor for TSR’s Game School PodCast, one of the co-hosts of Nostalgia Pilots, and I do the occasional interview for our Short Rest segment on Penny for a Tale (P4T). I also practice my fibermantic arts creating crocheted commissions with Fibermancers 4 Hire. You might even see some of my creations as merchandise for P4T in the near future! Additionally, I am the owner and audio maven of Resonant Moon Audiobook Solutions. I love audio, if you couldn’t tell. 


    Here on P4T I’m called the Chief Creative Witch. That covers everything from playing Modica and Saskia on our Age of Ashes and Black Madonna campaigns respectively, to making sure show notes and titles on our Twitch and YouTube pages are clear and organized. My goal is to make the channel, and TTRPG gaming more accessible for people with visual and hearing impairments. My current project is editing the Kult: Black Madonna campaign into a podcast format so that you can listen to it on the go!


    Looking forward to seeing you in the stream!

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  • Ian James (He/Him)

    Stream Director & Showrunner — Pathfinder series

    I am an avid tabletop and computer RPG fan. My first TTRPG system was a dusty old AD&D box set, but my experience consists mostly of Pathfinder and digital play tools.


    I have a special place in my heart for roleplaying games, and my job at Penny for A Tale is to help tell stories.You'll usually find me wearing the Gamemaster's hat.

    • Daniel (He/Him)

      Stream Director & Showrunner — Scion series

      29, aspiring writer. Love to make worlds for people to explore, enjoy, or destroy. Y'know whatever you feel up to at the moment. I do lots of stuff in my spare time (which I don't have a lot of), mostly read and write.


      I'm a big fan of WoD and really wanna run a Mage game one day. I love playing in different worlds/systems of ttrpgs, just time is always against me with work.


      Biggest aspiration right now would be: running a game and turn it into a book. One step at a time though.

      • Alex Roth (He/Him)


        Alex Roth is a 33 year old TTRPG enthusiast from Baltimore, Maryland. Alex was first introduced to roleplaying games at the age of 7, with a lesser known Milton Bradley roleplaying game entitled Tales of the Crystals. This roleplaying, audiotape adventure game started a lifelong interest in the hobby.


        At 17 Alex entered college and began playing Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder more frequently, finding more inclusive groups and exploring his own character and gaming play-style preferences. At 19, Alex came out to family and close friends as transgender, but would not pursue transition until later in his life. 


        Alex spent the majority of his 20's in various games and campaigns, logging many hours and characters in people's basements, or in front of his computer. He would continue to explore and try new game systems, and found numerous LARP groups that would feed his roleplaying habbit. 


        When not playing on Penny for a Tale, Alex can be found playing weekly/monthly games of Warhammer RPG, Invisible Sun, and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

        • Mr. Smith (He/Him)


          I am Mr. Smith.

          A long time gamer, from table-tops & board games, to consoles, to PC (my current preference). I was friends with Robby the Robot, and grew up watching Captain N. I saw the birth of MMOs with Sierra's "The Realm" and watched the gaming scene grow from the nerd in the basement to a full time (employment worthy) pursuit.

          You can find me at www.iammistersmith.com

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